Wednesday, July 11, 2007

MJM Innovations Launches TaxiCard

BALTIMORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MJM Innovations, a management and technology firm focused on transportation solutions, announced today the launch of TaxiCard®, a reloadable prepaid card that can be used to pay for taxi, sedan or limousine services.
“TaxiCard is easy to use and manage because it eliminates the need to carry cash. Cardholders or their families can easily add value and track transactions, either online or on the phone,” said Jeffrey Venick, CEO. “Each time the card is used, the transaction amount is automatically deducted from the balance.”
Venick said TaxiCard will appeal to a broad range of customers, including college students and their parents, and seniors who want to remain active members of the community even though they are no longer able to drive.
“We’re confident that parents of college students will appreciate the assurance that a student carrying a TaxiCard won’t be stranded somewhere without a ride,” Venick said. “No one wants their child to risk riding with an impaired driver or a date who makes them uncomfortable. Parents will also like knowing that their money is being used for its intended purpose.”
TaxiCard may be used to pay for any taxi, sedan or limousine service that accepts Discover® Network Cards. The card will be declined if anyone attempts to use it with other merchants.
Venick noted that TaxiCard addresses the need for transportation options identified by the White House Conference on Aging. “It’s a great way to help seniors close the mobility gap that occurs when life expectancy exceeds driving expectancy,” he said. “With TaxiCard®, they can go everywhere they need to go while maintaining their sense of independence.”
TaxiCard is also being used in government transportation programs, and beer and liquor companies can incorporate it into their safe ride campaigns. Transportation providers can use TaxiCard to eliminate coupons, vouchers and scrip. They simply treat the fare payment exactly as they would any other credit card or debit card transaction. Online, real-time authorizations, zero floor limits and industry-leading data security standards and audits help minimize losses from fraud.
Consumers may purchase, manage and add value to their TaxiCard online at A secure log-in at the site enables users to take advantage of sophisticated transaction tracking, real-time reporting and billing functions. Telephone and mail service are also available.
TaxiCard is issued by MetaBank. Discover Network® and the Discover® Network Acceptance Mark are service marks used by MetaBank under license from Discover Financial Services LLC.

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