Monday, March 22, 2010

Rolls Royce Will Not Launch Phantom’s Successor Until 2016

The British automaker intends to make the Phantom one of the longest running models in the range. Launched in 2003, the limousine is scheduled for a new generation only in 2016.

Although they launched the new Ghost last year, based on the BMW 7 Series limousine, Rolls Royce announced that, at this moment, does not intend to throw on the market a replacement for the Phantom admiral ship.

The BMW group subsidiary say that a successor is scheduled only in 2016, which means that the current model luxury could set a record for longevity, being launched on the market back in 2003.

In the present context, in which the life cycle of a car usually lasts for six years, and with the automakers constantly seeking to renew their offer, the idea of a limousine able to remain unchanged for 13 years is a true act of courage.

Even though it doesn’t launch a new generation of Phantom, Rolls Royce will try to attract new customers with the Ghost cadet, which will be available in coming years in a variety of bodyworks. The only novelty in the Phantom range might be a hybrid or electric version, based on the brother of concern BMW ActiveHybrid 7.

Last year, Rolls Royce has not escaped the economic crisis. Its products haven’t been so popular, the number of sales totaling only 850 copies, far below the 1212 units delivered in 2008.